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Maula Dad (1981) - EKCC-5949 7″ Vinyl Record 45rpm
Maula Dad (1981)
Cast: Asiya, Yousuf Khan, Mustafa Qureshi, Durdana Rehman
Music: Tafo
EKCC-5949 7″ vinyl record 45 rpm.

An unexpected and unheralded delight from the combination of Tafo, Madame Noor Jehan and co.

Side one features a full blown Dhamaal Beat with Shaukat Ali and Nahid Akhtar taking turns to belt out a good old fashioned folk dance number full of energy, spirit and verve. Nahid Akhtar especially sounds absolutely on top of her game brimming with confidence.

Side Two starts with Madame Noor Jehan belting out a delicious saucy little ditty that you can tell she enjoys to the hilt. Its an instant classic with Madame Noor Jehan in complete command of a delightfully frisky composition by Tafo complete with his famous sudden stop start silences. In this song, you think the song has come to and end before Tafo picks up the driving beat once again quite majestically. This is an unheralded bombshell that needs to be heard and ranks with Madame Ji’s playful sexy best.

The second song has Nahid Akhtar in seductive mood but the tune isn’t catchy enough and somehow it doesn’t quite gel.

Side One: Teri Gut Ne Kacheri – Shaukat Ali & Nahid Akhtar

Side Two: Suti Paeen Noon Jaganda – Noor Jehan

Doctor Ji Mera – Nahid Akhtar

July 01, 2020 by Omar Khan

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