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Adamkhor Haseena (2002) - Movie Review

Adamkhor Haseena (2002)
Cast: Amit Pachori, Poonam Dasgupta, Raza Murad, Mahindra Shera, Joginder Shelley
Director: “Conceived, Written and Directed by Joginder (with Samir Suma as DOP).
Nutshell: Banned from Theatrical Release this is the story of uncontrollable lust which always has its issues. An Evil Nymphomaniac Hag from Hell possesses amorous newly wed and uses her to satisfy her own debauched urges. Delightfully and unabashedly shameless z grade horror “so full of sex”.

With Libidos barely within control, a newly wed couple are driving off for their honeymoon to a scenic Guest House but must pass through an ominous forested area. After much groping and necking and very dangerous driving the couple decide they must cave in to their desire and it is agreed that they take a sex break along the route. Just as things are at full tilt some horrible demons come and grab poor Roopa and drag her away. Her husband does his very best to give chase but the demons keep menacing him at every step. There is one particular demon who has a mini head jutting out of his own forehead who is particularly frightful and also very evil in the way he keeps popping up unrelentingly.

Poor Rupa (Poonam Dasgupta) is raped “Evil Dead” style by the woods themselves and she is forced to make a bargain with a nymphomaniac Rubber-masked old hag of the forest who possesses her body. The old hag aims to use Rupa’s youthful body to satisfy her own raging lust and she goes about her business with good intent lining up a series of men within moments. Now, Rupa manifests Carrie like manifestations and has lethal death ray killer looks. She also scowls and lets off sparkles from her mouth when overly annoyed and in full-on attack demonic possession mode. There are numerous scenes where the nympho-witch possesses the body of a young woman who then turns into a murderous lusting beast from hell; together they hunt down men for sex and once they’re done, they eat their freshly killed victims, raw.

The wicked witch has a band of subordinates who help her carry out her corrupt and lustful plans. There are two burly flying clones who enforce the witch’s desires but her main ally is a demon who is plagued with the most unfortunate skin situation and who battles the local Tantrik and does his Hag Queen’s bidding. He would have been called Wort-face had he been to a school of rude children in his youth. He is a fearsome foe of the tantric whose daughter has carried away on behalf of the wicked hag queen Leatherface lookalike. There is a colossal tussle that goes back and forth between the demon and the bereaved tantrik.

There are numerous sexy scenes where there is much rubbing of legs and some very awkward kissing but things don’t get too carried away even if the film was banned from cinemas for a time. These interludes feature the old hag getting her rocks off and having a blast of a time. Also, some wonderful dialogs by a hot Soorma stud who follows everything he says with “…but full of sex” as in “What a face, so full of sex….and the leg, so full of sex” and so on.

A quite memorable moment as is a fine guest appearance in the tea stall by a jolly Sardar ji. The songs are usually playing on a tape deck and are surprisingly appropriate and not over done which helps the movie keep from running out of steam due to its repetitive story-line with one seduction following another. As the stakes get higher, an almighty battle breaks out between the heroic tantric against the witch and he summons four mighty symbols of godliness, a Trishul, an Om, an Allah, a Cross and a Sword to take on the with and her vile demon accomplices. The climax scenes are tremendous and are certified with the stamp of highest class which is “Conceived, Written and Produced by Joginder”, a mark of cinematic excellence and in this respect the film does not fail.

Poonam Das Gupta is excellent as Rupa and some of her dialogs are phenomenal indeed. “Shaadi se pahle tum ne jab mujhe kamray mein pakra tha, to meri choli ke button toot gaye they!”

The highlight of the film are the special effects that are spectacularly rough and yet work exactly as they are meant. Classic old school reviving memories of Coffin Joe’s brilliant work. The rubber masks are well chosen and the Hag is especially excellent and turns in a fine performance.

The film labours once or twice along the way but the climax more than makes up for that. The music as well as the dance situations in the movie are expertly handled.

The sexy scenes are excellent with the seasoned Raza Murad as one of the victims along the way. On the whole its so unashamedly dreadful but done with such spirit that it is impossible to dislike a film as appalling as this. Some sequences recall the brilliant Harinam Singh who is the master of the brazenly cheap and surreal. Adamkhor Haseena is an extraordinary and occasionally thrilling experience.

Swami Ji's Rating: 51%For those who relish the truly atrocious, this will satisfy at every level. Amazing experience.

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